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Monday, March 12, 2012

Backup Exec System State backup completes with an exception (Windows 2008 server)

Good Morning InternetZ

I ran in to a very annoying issue with back up exec yesterday afternoon..scheduled backups were completing with an exception





 Detailed job log












The error happens when Volume shadow copy lists a file to back up even thou the file no longer exist on the system. So most probably the culprit will be left over files from a previous uninstall. After some research i found out that these problematic files in my case were related to Printer drivers. how ever there were people who had the issue because of Nvidia Drivers, Endpoint security, VM ware, ETC. 

According to Symantec

This is a known issue and that can be safely ignored. Furthermore the article states that Symantec is working on a fix

There is no definite fix for this but there is a workaround given by Symantec

Follow the steps listed below:

1. Create a empty text file with the same name as the file mentioned in the exception
2. Place the document in the same location as in the exception

I created text files and renamed them as the file mentioned in the exception and put them in to the relevant directories. the following backup was running smoothly with no errors.