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Friday, August 19, 2011

How to clear user credentials cached at the Domain level

I ran in to a Problem with client PC running windows Xp where this one user who just simply cannot login to this system, using the Domain Credentials. i did some googling about domain level credential cashing and landed on a very informative article over at expert exchange

the cashed credentials are located in the following Registry location


By Default Windows allows you to cache 10 user credentials so there will be a total of 10 entries starting from NL$1 to NL$10. any new credentials will over write the oldest NL$ entry.

but be ware if you delete these NL$ entries it will disable the credential caching functionality in windows. so if it is a laptop, there will be an issue with using the PC out of the office network. to avoid this
Simply edit the “Value Data” in each NL$ entry and replace the data with ’0′ (ZERO). This will clear all the existing cached credentials.

uhh and one more thing i was not able to find this “HLM\SECURITY\CACHE” key in windows 7. i will update this post when i find some info on it


  1. Right click on HLM\SECURITY, click on Permissions..., give your self Full Controll and you'll see CACHE key :)